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Hawaiian Aura and The Transplant

Transplant: 1. To uproot and replant (a growing plant) 2. To transfer from one place of residence to another. [via The Free Dictionary by Farlex]

I am a transplant.

From the state of Hawaii to the old western beauty of Las Vegas, and now in the abundantly fertile land of New England, is where I call home. At times this journey has challenged my soul and broke my spirit, but I stay brave as my roots seek out the fertile soil below. Home, how strange it feels. There have been moments of great happiness and deep sadness, but I stay steadfast in the commitment to this, my, our new beginning. I've renewed, renovated and restored my Aloha more times than I care to think about, I take a breath. Every day my Polynesian DNA yearns for the warmth of the sand, the smell of the Pacific Ocean and rich culture of the Hawaiian Islands, and still I stay. My thoughts thick with memories, my mind wonders. My childhood, golden and warm, consisted of endless days in the Hawaiian sunshine, and the sound of multi-culture words mashed together to create the common language of the islands "Pigeon English", pure delight to my ears. No matter the beauty or how warm it gets here  in New England, nor how wonderful the culture and its people, there is no comparison, that, I know. And although magical are her winters, they are long, cold and gray. So, I close my eyes, from somewhere safe and deep in my mind I see crystal blue waves, my paddle flows easily thru the ocean water as I pull the canoe forward with each stroke I take. In a distance I hear the sound of my fathers' guitar, and now, his voice singing the hula songs of my youth. I sink deeper and further back, I sleepily climb on my mothers lap, she hugs me and strokes my hair, I can smell the kiawe wood burning on an open camp fire at Makaha beach, and I am completely swept away. As I saunter thru thick memories, I linger awhile longer in my sweet Hawaii Nei. I slowly bring myself back to now, back to New England. She seems to know and welcomes me with her vibrant colors, she caresses me with her change of seasons. My eyes slowly open and I smile, I can call here home, for now. So I bring my Aloha to the surface, I share my light with those who accept my offering. I absorb the culture and kindness from those around me. My inner light, unwilling at first, slowly begins to shine. I take root. I am here, transplanted on the beautiful East Coast. My flow brought me to this place and time. I chose to be here, my family surrounds me, I am 'pono', balanced. My Aloha expands. My soul awakens and I grow. Until we meet again my sweet Hawaii, Aloha 'Oe for now.


Namaste sweet ones & Malama Pono always~


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