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A Yoga + Wellness Lifestyle Community
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Who We Are

Aloha! E Komo Mai and Welcome to Hawaiian  Aura! Our brand is about connection. It's about the power of Aloha. Aloha is many things; a greeting, a fond farewell, a moral code. It's a call to action. It's about community and family. It's LOVE. A humble, yet powerful  connection to nature and the universal energy that surround us.  Living Aloha is the mindful coordination of the mind, body and spirit. An unconditional and loving expression of kindness, acceptance and positivity. To Live Aloha, is to Malama Pono, to 'take care' of eachother. We are Hawaiian Aura, we are Aloha. So come inside, take a look around and stay for a while. Inhale, Exhale, and Live Aloha on & off the Mat, enjoy!

Namaste sweet ones & Malama Pono always~The Hawaiian Aura Ohana

"Live Aloha On & Off the Mat"  

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