Volunteering is Wicked Awesome-Wicked Brave-Wicked Kind & Wicked Pono

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Trying to raise your positive vibes?   Volunteer somewhere, anywhere.  Volunteer work is so important, it is Wicked important!  Often, volunteer work of kindness bridges a gap between those in need and a scarcity of available services or help.  Volunteering can be a journey to great personal growth.  Our volunteer work does not only help those who benefit from our act, but we will also benefit for our own mental health. 

Volunteering creates positive vibrations for all involved.  Our vibrations create our own reality. Focus on more positive aspects, though not always easy, will usually stimulate growth and create room for more positive energy to flow.  Focusing on negative aspects of life will often leave us feeling negative emotions. Remember your vibe attracts your tribe.

Per the "Why People Volunteer" report, a poll of numerous people of different ages, reported that an overwhelming response revealed interest and skills that had never been realized by the volunteers before. 

This is exciting, especially for those who are in seek mode.  Hawaiian Aura will always support these acts of kindness, these acts of being 'pono'.  In simple terms, 'pono' is simply translated as "doing what is right".  Support your communities by being 'Pono', by volunteering your time, energy and skills, share your aloha. 

Try new things.   Explore new opportunities. Live with excitement. Live love. Live well.Live happily. Live aloha people, do what is right!

Be content. Live aloha on & off your mat always. 

"E Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi", Love One Another. 


Namaste sweet ones, Malama Pono

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