Mid-March in New England. It's 37 degrees, there is still snow on the ground, but it is definitely springtime. You can feel the energy in the air. A new beginning, and with it comes, a new perspective. Gone is the winter, but it lingers. The experience of it all stays. As with life, acknowledgement of the ends, no matter how difficult, messy or even cold, you get to honour the best parts of what came before. Step into springtime with anew focus. New energy. Feel the warmth of the earth and take notice of new growth as it slowly emerges from the buds on trees.  Harness that energy, try something new; that new guided meditation on Buddihfy, or a different yoga studio. Whatever it is, be open and let the newness in. Spring is a season of colour, new life, new beginnings. A birthday, a time to celebrate. How will you celebrate today? 

Be good to yourself on & off your mat, live aloha, always.

Namaste sweet ones

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